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About Cha Cha

Greetings Everyone! I'm Chandra Snively but many call me Cha Cha...a nickname that has followed me since childhood. I'm  married to Rob, have a daughter, Sage that is officially in middle school, have a grandpuppy and 2 grandbunnies. 


I am a licensed mortician, wife, mother,  farm when my husband tells me that it's my turn on the tractor, read to and with kiddos at Lowell, do many odds and ends and I stay busy within our church. 

Cha Cha's Dream Place to Be:

My dream place to be is heaven, where the streets are paved with gold, oh... and outer space. Fun fact! I always wanted to be an astronaut way above the Earth but I settled for being a mortician and working six feet under... haha. But I do love to travel anywhere that is tropical.

Cha Cha's Fav Place to Eat:

I was told to share my favorite place to eat however, I just love to eat! I am not picky!

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