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About Seungli

My name is Seungli, married to Yunjung (YJ) Lee, and we have a child named Teo, born in 2023. We also have two puppies, Joy and Aggie. YJ and I met on the campus of Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX. We both came from South Korea, living just 15 miles apart, yet we never knew each other until then.

Since then, we have moved to serve United Methodist churches in Nebraska and now we are here in Kansas. God has led my family faithfully, even into places we never imagined coming to. I am happy to serve Winfield First UMC as senior pastor, and I pray that God leads us to a place we never imagined but is the best for us. I will do whatever it takes for people to meet Jesus and become disciples of Jesus Christ.

Seungli's Dream Job: 

Pastor, and I am living my dream now

Seungli's Fav Hobbies:

CrossFit and cooking and taking care of Teo.

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