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About Dave

"My name is Dave and my wife's name is Trisha. We have been happily married for 46 years. We have a son and daughter- one lives Colorado and the other in Idaho. They have blessed us with 5 beautiful grandchildren! My father is a retired United Methodist minister and both he and mom continue to be active in the church. My three sisters and I try and keep them out of trouble. They are in their nineties but still think they can do anything and everything. 😳 I have been in active ministry for 43 years. I am a graduate of the University of Northern Colorado and Asbury Seminary. We have been at Winfield FUMC for nearly 15 years and just love the place! I would enjoy having the opportunity to visit with anyone looking for a church home!"

Dave's Childhood Dream Job: 

James Bond 007

Dave's Fav Book of the Bible:

Gospel of John

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