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About Randy

"I am born in Emporia, KS but because my dad worked in the oil fields, we followed his job. I have lived all over the central U.S. from the Dakotas to Texas. We finally settled in Ark City in 1969 where I still live. I met my wife Tammy in 1982, and married in Aug. 1983. We have two children. Tara is the oldest and Brandon who is three years younger. We have 4 grandkids; Piper (15), Reed (13), Jax (11), and Eva (6 1/2) the half is very important to her. I was a licensed contractor before coming to FUMC. I love working here as it gives me a feeling of great accomplishment!"

Randy's Childhood Dream Job:

Cowboy. I already had a horse and cap guns, but realized I couldn't make a living at it.

Randy's Fav Hobbies:

Reading, riding my motorcycle, and teasing my grandkids

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